Short Films

Short films

A lot of patience is needed to realize an animation with the “stop motion” technique, although the effect is deeply expressive: through the display of a quick sequence of photo shots of objects taken in different positions one has the illusion of motion; however, the result has slight imperfections or discontinuities, since it shows a state of inertia, which, by contrast, amplifies the illusion of life coming out of what offers itself to the common eye as inanimate.
Even in this field, my inspiration lies in listening to the echo of the humanity devoured by time, which reverberates in those speaking objects picked up from the waste. These are worn out, broken or, more often, contaminated objects: they bear the seal of human intentions, thus becoming the witnesses of old experiences, or bearing the traces of people that, just like me, had a heart throbbing with desire. My listening gradually come into being under certain conditions and becomes much more focussed as the action unfolds through a sequence of frames that pose me questions, forcing me into reflecting upon my humanity, my time, my history; all this accumulates itself and then gets lost through voices that make up a real tale in which everybody is involved. The “stop motion” technique is close to the archaeology of cinema (the magic lantern, the zoetrope, Chinese shadows) and suggests an unreal vision of the world: by becoming a puppet, the common/vulgar object takes on a particular, magic, dreamlike meaning, which vaguely recalls a world of circus shacks where one can see the real wonders of the world. This is, however, no evasion from reality but a deeper vision and understanding that goes beyond the way of seeing imposed by the tiresome immediacy of life.

Divine Queer Film Festival 2017 Turin
Official promo video for the edition 2017 of divine queer film festival, cinema animation by Roque Fucci.

Divine Queer Film Festival – Turin – nov.2015 (official opening sequence)
Director & spot production: Roque Fucci
Sound & video postproduction: Max Viale (Flylab Creative Media)

Il bosco di ceramica
by Roque Fucci

by Roque Fucci